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IFF Ltd is a Finance company
which operates in the banking, business and finance world, providing its capital, resources and expertise to support the start up and management of development processes and investments, acting with professionalism and creating increasingly targeted and innovative services, carefully analysing the needs of each customer.

It has always combined financial and industrial culture and has a solid, cohesive and independent management team of professionals who are entrepreneurs of themselves, engaged in the constant search for excellence, specialised in different disciplines and who, over the years, have accumulated considerable experience in numerous market sectors and different business contexts.

IFF Ltd invests equity capital or, when necessary due to the amounts or types of activity, use the equity investment of capital of investment funds related to it.

IFF Ltd has always focused on providing its customers with innovative, flexible and dynamic services, and is constantly engaged in updating its know-how, supporting the training of its consultants and organising study teams engaged in the implementation of new consulting solutions and methodologies.


IFF Ltd analyses every customer request with awareness, ensuring maximum clarity and transparency in the delivery of its services and products. 

IFF Ltd offers a very high level of professionalism and competence. It has a significant track record in various industries for both domestic and international transactions. Also, it can rely on decades of relationships with numerous industrial and banking groups, leaders in Europe and in their respective markets, with key industry players and representatives.