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IFF Ltd is a financial structure, which operates in the world of banking, business and finance, providing capital, resources and expertise to support and accompany the initiation and management of development and investment processes, through the flexible and dynamic structuring of projects designed on the basis of a careful analysis of the specific needs of each client.


The foundation of any business. Analyzing a company “from within” means getting in touch with its heart, with its know-how, to put it in correlation with ours. And therefore it means being able to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of every single information, of every event, of every name. Of the very fact of being Partners: it is useless to look for the names of our customers on this site: you will not find any.


The globalized world is smart, immediate and knows no stops or time zones, nor defined borders between skills. The contemporary manager can no longer hide behind his limits, but must face continuous training and an expansion of ever broader perspectives, enhancing the ability to intersect skills from different areas in order to create original and innovative solutions. Without limits of places or times.


The best professionals. What does best mean? It means the humility of listening to the customer, it means the curiosity in analyzing every single detail, it means the passion in looking for solutions, it means the determination to improve every day.


The ideal environment to develop opportunities. IFF has a significant track record across multiple industries for both domestic and international transactions and can rely on ten-year relationships with numerous banking and industrial groups, leaders in Europe and in their respective reference markets, as well as with eminent personalities and with the main market operators in the most diverse fields.

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    Asset management


    IFF Ltd has in its senior staff, professionals who deal with the integrated management of family assets, offering a variety of services ranging from financial advice, to optimization of returns, up to tax planning.

    IFF Ltd provides solutions relating to the application of the TRUST institution for the most varied purposes (trust management, transfer of family assets and businesses, etc.), in compliance with current regulations with reference to both fiscal and fiscal aspects
    To learn more: what is aTRUST?

    Enhancement of real estate assets

    IFF Ltd advises and accompanies directly in the enhancement of real estate assets, in making them safe (for generational transitions or family divisions), but also for the capitalization of companies, or for the construction of a targeted investment fund.

    Refinancing operations of their real estate properties, or on the shares of their real estate assets, often yield and allow companies to face the market with greater economic availability and therefore with more balanced financial repositioning, and with many possibilities for greater development of the company. IFF Ltd is also Advisor to several investment funds in the sector Real Estate, interested in the direct purchase of properties.

    Enhancement of the artistic heritage

    IFF Ltd deals with the negotiation and sale of works of art on behalf of some banks and private collectors. It therefore deals with works of art in general, their rentals and exhibitions in museums and / or art galleries, insurance policies and safe transport, deposits with recognized entities or banks, enhancement and transformation of the asset into assets, so that it can become cash assets and generate profits. The company supports the customer with constant monitoring of the requested operations, ensuring timely processing of the same. Specifically, the loan used for this type of asset is a pledge loan.

    Gold and Precious

    IFF Ltd was born after experiences in the field of precious metals, and more precisely in the recovery of metals such as gold and silver We have a wide range of investment products and offer personalized advice to individuals, as well as to all companies and operators in the goldsmith sector present in Italy and abroad. IFF‘s mission is to invest the money of our customers in the best possible way by marketing physical gold to private customers with the best service in the field to offer excellence, ensure maximum security of your investment and the protection of your savings.

    Real Estate

    IFF Ltd does not aim at capitalization, except for extremely guaranteed conditions on the yields of real estate assets, but rather the rapid rotation of the investments themselves on the assets acquired by exploiting the particularly favorable moment for fragmented acquisitions of specific assets throughout Europe, acquisitions with technical characteristics economic adhering to specific standards of the Fund itself. The latter, the standards of the characteristics of each individual investment, focus among other things on the location of the asset in areas where the demand for acquisitions is high and the location of the resale price is advantageous; this combination is now possible by exploiting niches of acquisitions in sectors where extreme specialization is the fundamental factor that acts as a deterrent for most of the small and medium investors who would operate on a one-off basis, leaving space for organized and structured operators for most of the market itself.

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