Enhancement of real estate assets
IFF Ltd today stands out not only for the value and beauty of the properties it deals with, but also for the services it offers to the client with the highest professionalism. Selling, buying, building or renting a property is an important decision. Real estate brokerage has today taken on a role of primary importance, having the obligation to offer customers a plurality of services aimed, not only at relating two or more parties for the conclusion of a deal, but at understanding all the aspects that relate to the sale, purchase or rental of a property. Our reality in the Real Estate sector aims to become a reference point for all those wishing to buy and / or sell types of properties that require the utmost confidentiality and the utmost professional commitment. IFF Ltd is able to guarantee the customer a complete service thanks to the commitment of competent collaborators and partners, offering important support and updates on various technical, fiscal and real estate issues. Our consultants deal with professionalism and transparency, constantly supporting the customer in all his needs to achieve his maximum satisfaction. The real estate sector of the company supports the client in partnership with professionals in the sector, such as architects, surveyors, engineers on renovations, sales, sales, estimates, acquisitions, participation in auctions, management of real estate contracts and related renewals, also verifying the appearance fiscal and financial as well as all the preparation of contracts in general.
IFF Ltd also provides assistance and advice to both private clients and companies, for real estate development and trading operations, or checks and drafting of economic, financial and real estate feasibility studies: • Economic analysis of the investment • Tax planning of sales • Development strategies • Financial planning assistance

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