Real Estate

The core business of IFF in the Real Estate sector is to acquire selected and specific assets among the many that the market offers from Bankruptcy and / or Real Estate Auctions, as well as from private negotiations direct with holders of mortgage rights on properties now destined for auctions, all on certain values which are generally 30% of the real and current value of the asset on the market. The very fragmented and geographically diversified real estate packages, so that the risk standard remains practically nil, can be resold even at half of their real price on the market in a very short time, allowing a very rapid reinvestment of the generated capital, with cycles of the same capital. several times a year. The immediate resale of the properties is certain, many times already planned before the purchase itself, both for the evaluations of the professionals, and because the resale will be forced to 50% of the real market value. The asset itself can also be sold with a loan already approved by associated credit institutions, so that the potential buyer, if desired, could choose not to have an outlay of own capital.
Thanks to the long experience of our team of experienced Real Estate professionals and financial officers we offer safe investments. The collateral is on real estate, of which some assets (from judicial auctions, bankruptcies, excerpts, etc.) that are evaluated in advance based on the attractiveness, convenience and safety of a property, to ensure maximum profitability. We carry out preventive due diligence and trading operations directly through a team of lawyers and technicians experienced in the sector. • We specialize in "fast" real estate trading: we place assets quickly through innovative market strategies. • As an additional guarantee we invest exclusively in real estate assets that achieve high benchmarks on our metrics, especially in relation to their marketability. • The margins generated by the relocation are shared with the investors on the basis of the share of capital contributed. The basic fee is € 50,000, and the guaranteed annual return is 8%.
How we choose the properties
First of all, there is the choice of the property, but how does it happen? Obviously, before deciding whether the property is worthy of being examined, market analyzes must be carried out in the areas where you intend to operate, and therefore where there is a great deal of demand. Then we move on to examine the sale price and then decide if it is really convenient, and through the appraisals of the technicians in charge to guess at first what its market value is and if by placing it in the market at a price lower than its value there will be some profits and how much they amount. Once these first phases have been successfully overcome, we move on to the vision of the good in person (external, internal, state of conservation, age, state of maintenance, etc.) and to the true market evaluation of the same. After several weeks and hundreds of goods examined, those that have had a positive response to all our analyzes are purchased and then put on the market.
How auctions work and participation in them
Everyone, except the debtor, is allowed to bid at the auction. For our part, the offers will be made by the company IFF Ltd. The modalities of participation in the auctions will be made by submitting a suitable application together with the security and / or expense deposit, within the established terms. The award of an asset will become definitive after a certain number of days from the provisional award. There are two types of sales, Sale with enchantment or without enchantment, sale without enchantment, provides for the presentation in a sealed envelope of purchase offers at the Chancellery with an indication of the price, time, method of payment and any useful element. to the evaluation of the offer itself. The sale with enchantment provides for the immediate realization of a tender between the various bidders. In the case of auction sales, it is possible to make further purchase offers in the 10 days following the award. However, to be effective, these offers must exceed the price reached in the auction by one fifth. Also in this case, it will be necessary to deposit the offer at the Chancellery and integrate the deposit which must be double that required for participation in the first auction. Once the regularity of these additional offers has been verified, the judge calls the tender for which public notice and communication is given to the successful bidder.
Innovative real estate investments
The Real Estate division focuses its business on the real estate market through strategies, namely: • High yield and low risk investment • Asset enhancement • Resale at very competitive prices • Our mission is to maximize returns while guaranteeing the capital invested. We are experts in identifying the best investment opportunities, in any market condition, in relation to the acquisition of properties. The analyzes that identify our targets allow us to have rapid economic feedback on the investment. • We focus on the main European cities, in particular where we already have relevant relationships and historical houses (Rome, Milan, Florence, Valletta, Paris, Lugano etc ..). The immobilization of the invested capital is limited in time

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